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Tears of JesusTears of Jesus

"My heart has been misunderstood. I want you to understand my heart." In spite of herself, a humble nun feels ill when she looks at the cross. In the throes of her agony, Jesus speaks to her of a secret that will shake the Christian world to its foundations. What is the hidden cause of the "Cross Immolation Syndrome” that has been sweeping the modern world? A Japanese priest, sister, and the Roman Pope go on a journey of discovery that leads them to eye-opening conclusions about the Jesus they thought they knew. Uncovering a secret more startling than "The Da Vinci Code", a Japanese priest, nun, and the Roman Pope find themselves woven into a dynamic suspense novel that spans Italy, France, and Japan. The Secret behind the Cross takes the discoverers of the secret back 2,000 years to dynamically encounter the living heart of Jesus in a revolutionary way.


tearsofmary-engTears of Mary

On one winter day, Michio Fujiwara, a high school student, finds an oval-shaped medal in front of a statue of the Blessed Mary at a church.  It was the  "Medal of the Immaculate Conception".   Fifteen years later, Michio has become a young and spirited artist, painter and sculptor.   He makes a replica of Michelangelo's Pieta for a ceremony to celebrate the completion of  the Museum of the Virgin Mary and wins a highest praise.   Two years after that, however, the statue is harmed by someone.  What is the purpose of destroying the Pieta?  Why does Mary keep shedding tears?  What is the true grief of Mary standing still at the foot of the cross? Mysterious incidents occur one after another in Kyoto and in Italy regarding the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception which is hindering the ecumenism of the Christian Churches.


If you seek the heart of God and Jesus a miracle may perhaps occur

I salute the author for a remarkable work. This religious fiction absolutely touched the chords of my soul, the place where my grateful love for our Lord vibrates. The content of The tears of Jesus resonates with my life, my personal search for the true Christ and his life, my search for his heart. I found him in my own life; and yes, I found the true Christ and his true church body in this volume!


Review on “Tears of Jesus”by an orchestra conductor

My wife borrowed a book "Tears of Jesus" from another member of our church.  Its title, Tears of Jesus, caught my eyes and I riffled through the pages.  There were sentences written on the sleeve of the book.

A sister who feels nausea seeing a cross against her will. In midst of her agony, Jesus spoke to her.



Review on “Tears of Jesus” by Dr. T. Stewart

Tears of Jesus by Peter Chavier is a moving and challenging mystery set in contemporary Rome. Father Yamamoto and Sister Theresa, a priest and nun, emerge as main characters in the story. Early in the narrative we learn of the clergy‘s concern over the spread among Catholics of a “Cross Immolation Syndrome,” symptoms manifested when they viewed a cross with the image of Jesus impaled upon it. Related to the spread of this “syndrome” were reports of incidents in which the holy object appears to have been desecrated. However further investigation reveals that the cross itself, not the image of Jesus, is the object of the suspected vandalism.